The Weeks Top Parenting & Child Care News | Parenting News Roundup Oct 21, 2016

October 21, 2016

October 21, 2016: here’s the past weeks top parenting news brought to you by, including stories about why flexible and affordable child care is important, natural hot flash remedies, men suffering from postpartum depression, what no one tells you about menopause, how medical marijuana saved a 4-year old girl’s life, tips to help parents maintain their sanity when their college-age children live at home, when’s the right time to get your kids involved in team sports and what things you should bring up with a potential nanny or babysitter during an interview.

Parents Need Flexible And Affordable Child Care

— An article by points out the many benefits of quality child care. This includes better academic performance, stronger ties, and relationships with families and physical health. One of the biggest concerns in the United States is the cost.

Natural Hot Flash Remedies: 11 Ways To Cool Down

— offers readers several tips for postmenopausal body changes. This includes acupuncture, ginseng, change of diet, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

Can Fathers Suffer From Postpartum Depression?

— There is no shortage of books and magazines that discuss PPD from a female perspective, but men also suffer from depression during and after pregnancy. takes a look at male PPD.

What No One Tells You About Menopause

— A article takes a look at menopause beyond hot flashes. There are a number of symptoms associated with menopause, including loss of memory, hair, and dry skin.

Family Says Moving From Tennessee To Colorado Saved Their Daughter’s Life

— A family with a four-year-old daughter who suffered from hundred of seizures per day, found success with medicinal marijuana. This case has caused Tennessee representatives to consider changes to legislation. —

10 Tips For Coping If Your Children Live At Home While At University

— With more students opting to live at home with their parents while attending college, it’s important that parents establish rules in the home. The Guardian offers 10 tips that will help parents maintain their sanity during their children’s college years.

When is the Right Time to Introduce Children to Team Sports?

— There are many benefits of having children involved in sports, but how do know when your kids are ready to get involved? Here are some guidelines to consider when making the decision to introduce your kids to team sports. —

Be Sure To Discuss These 10 Things With Potential Nannies & Sitters

—’s Childcare Expert Martha Scully provides parents 10 points to consider during the hiring of their next nanny or babysitter. —

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