Adele Reveals her Struggles with Postpartum Depression & More in This Weeks Parenting News Roundup

November 4, 2016 shares the top parenting news from this week, including stories about Adele opening up about postpartum depression, Chinese women attending nanny university, American families bringing attention to Down Syndrome beyond the October awareness month, teens spending 9 hours/day on screen media and menopause lowering women’s sex drive.

Adele Opens Up About Her Postpartum Depression

Singer Adele reveals her struggles with postpartum depression. She admitted that at times, she felt as though she was inadequate as a parent and that having a baby was the worst decision of her life. — CNN

Chinese Women Attend ‘Nanny’ University Hoping To Fill Demand For Quality Childcare

Now that the one-child policy is no longer in effect and the Chinese middle class continues to grow, Chinese women are filling the demand for childcare workers in China. — Globe and Mail

How Families Are Bringing Awareness To Families Beyond October

Families and individuals with Down Syndrome are continually encouraging Americans to rethink the syndrome. Many People with Down’s Syndrome are college educated and some become teachers.

Why Day Care For A Child Under 4 Cost More Than College

According to an article published by the Palm Beach Post, the average cost for full-time child care is $9,589. Slightly more than the cost for instate college. The article also points out that this financial burden is the cause of distress for many families.

Digital Dilemma: How Much Screen Time Is Too Much

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that teens spend 9 hours a day using screen media, while children spend 6 hours a day. The article points out some ways parents can help their children find balance.

It’s Official: Menopause Lowers A Woman’s Sex Drive

More women feel a decline when they approach menopause. The article points out that findings differed based on ethnicity. — Newser

5 Reasons To Rebrand Motherhood And The #1 Reason We Can’t Wait

A Huffington Post article points out that if women are to get the rights they deserve, society has to look at motherhood differently.

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