Parenting & Child Care News Roundup | Dec 2, 2016

December 2, 2016

This week’s The Blog parenting and child care news roundup includes stories about Trump’s Health Care Reform; Work Life Balance Reality; Sleep Training Tips; The Difficult Balance Between Mother’s Loving their Children vs Loving their Husbands — December 2nd, 2016

Can Work Life Balance Be a Reality? This Company Makes it Possible?

An NBC news article takes a look at the company Patagonia and their in-house child care program, which has not only proven cost effective for parents but has also helped develop a productive work environment.

Trump’s Health-Care Reform Uncertainty Could See Jobs Shrink

The healthcare industry is preparing for massive changes. A article reports that as many as 200,000 jobs may be lost as the nation prepares for Trump’s reform.

Trump’s Plan to Help Middle Class Uses Child-Care Tax Breaks

Big tax cuts on the way for the middle class? According to a CNBC article, Trump’s administration plans on working with Congress for middle-class and child care tax cuts.

The Love Balance Between Motherhood and Marriage

One mother admits that she had a hard time balancing love for her children and husband. This eventually turned to resentment for her mate. How could this have happened? – Huffington Post

What Every Woman Should Know About Menopause And Diabetes

A number of women who experience menopause-like symptoms may be actually be experiencing symptoms associated with diabetes. – NY Daily News

Is There Really An Issue With Sleep Training

A Huffington Post article takes a look at some tips parents can use to help their child meet necessary sleeping goals.

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