Don't Miss This Weeks Top Parenting & Child Care News Roundup | Oct 28, 2016

October 28, 2016 shares the top parenting news from this week, including stories about down syndrome awareness,new research links abortion to higher risk of breast cancer, a mom’s message to the modelling agency who rejected her son who has down syndrome, the need for national reform on child care and paid maternity leave in the United States, advice from a renown sleep expert on how to get your newborn on a consistent sleep schedule, why do many see dads as babysitters instead of parents, yet another study suggests that kids with same-sex parents thrive and a look at how the policies of Trump and Clinton could impact families.

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

— It’s not a time to celebrate disabilities, October is the month to celebrate the abilities of those with Down Syndrome. — National Down Syndrome Society

Abortion Leads To Higher Risk Of Breast Cancer For Women

— Many studies have shown that the longer a woman waits to have children, she increases her chances of breast cancer. A Life News article points out that when pregnancy is aborted, this creates more opportunity for cancers to develop.

Mom Responds to a Modeling Agency Who Rejected Her Son With Down Syndrome

— After a modeling agency rejects a child with Down Syndrome, the mother responded by creating a Facebook page advocating for equal representation for people with disabilities in advertising. — The Washington Post

Putting The Family Police On The Government Agenda

— An American Prospect article puts an emphasis on the need for a national reform on child care and paid leave in order to support the family unit.

Sleep Expert Dr. Polly Moore On How To Get Newborns To Sleep

— A interview features sleep expert Dr. Polly Moore. She provides sound advice for parents and helps them to appreciate the patterns associated with newborn sleep.

Dads Are Not Babysitters:They Are Parents!

— A article points out that fathers are not viewed as individuals who have parenting skills. Is there a lopsided view on parenting?

Children With Same-Sex Parents Thrive, A Study Suggests

— A University of Kentucky professor shares her findings after a decade studying various family units. Same-sex couples who adopted often had done a good job and there wasn’t much difference when compared to straight couples who also adopted. — Stuff

How The Policy Proposals Of Trump And Clinton Would Impact Family Life

— The presidential election is a month away, Raw Story takes a look at both candidates and how they would address issues concerning birth control and abortion.

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