US Olympian Medals 17 Months After Giving Birth! Top Parenting News Stories - August 12, 2016
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US Olympian Medals 17 Months After Giving Birth! Top Parenting News Stories - August 12, 2016

by Martha Scully

August 12, 2016: here’s the past weeks top parenting news brought to you by, including the story of U.S. Olympic swimmer and brand new mom, Dana Vollmer, who has already won 2 medals at the 2016 Rio Games.

photo credit: nbc sports

These Olympians Stories of Motherhood Add To Their Awesomeness - Ever heard of a woman winning a medal 17 months after birth, how about 2 medals? American swimmer, Dana Vollmer has just done it! — The Federalist

What Made Two Republican Women Back Hillary Clinton - Jennifer Pierotti Lim, founder of Republican Women For Hillary and Meghan Milloy explain why they’re supporting Clinton instead of Trump. —

Modest To Majestic: A Look At Hillary and Bill Clinton’s Homes Over The Years - a look at some of the places democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, has called home over the years, noting their rise from middle class to millionaires. —

Ways To Shed Extra Weight Post Menopause — helpful tips for women to use to lose weight after menopause. — Femina

Pregnant Zoe Hardman Urges Women To Consider Freezing Eggs In Their 20s - The British actress encourages women to freeze their eggs while they’re young as she reveals her fertility struggles. She compared having a low egg count to a ticking time bomb. — Mail Online

How Successful Business Women Are Redefining Modern Feminism - Working professionals are a silent force in the feminist movement. How so? Adriana Lopez contributor explains. — Forbes

Are Thumb-Sucking and Nail-Biting Actually Good for Your Child? — Recent studies imply that thumb-sucking and nail-biting will actually stimulate your child’s immune system in positive ways that can help them out when they’re older. —

How Rising Child Care Cost Are Impacting Families — a look at the rising cost associated with professional child care in America —

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